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12 Jun 2018

Pharmacist Ed's 5 Top Tips for Winter Wellness

Ed’s Top 5 Winter Wellness Tips!


Alpine's friendly and community focused pharmacist, Ed, owns Unichem Prestons Pharmacy, Marshlands Family Pharmacy and Woodham Road Pharmacy. 

Ed works very closely with Alpine and together we are always looking at ways that we can support our residents by offering a number of services that go far beyond simply dispensing prescription medicines. Recently we sat down with Ed and identified the top 5 things you can do to stay well during the winter time. 

Drum roll please... here are Ed's 5 Top Winter Wellness Tips:


1. Reduce the risk of exposure.

It sounds simple, but avoiding catching cold and flu viruses this winter can be as easy as remembering to wash your hands regularly, being mindful of sharing personal items (such as pens etc) and staying at home if you are feeling unwell. 


2.   Healthy lifestyle habits.

Keeping up some simple lifestyle habits- making sure you are eating a balanced diet, getting enough rest, engaging in gentle exercise and keeping relatively stress free are all easy ways in which you can maintain your immunity levels. While these are all great starting points, sometimes they don’t quite cut it and you may need to look towards adding some natural supplements to your daily regime...

3. Vitamin C.

A vitamin C supplement will lay a good basis for boosting your immunity during these winter months. Tried and tested for many years, Vitamin C can help reduce the severity and duration of those nasty winter ills and chills. Alongside boosting your immune system, it also provides antioxidant support aiding in both tissue and wound repair, making this a great choice for a year-round supplement. 


4.   Probiotics. 

Our gut is often thought of as our first line of defence - and a probiotic supplement will help you ensure that you keep yours in tip top shape. Often, while taking other medications and during times of high stress and illness, an imbalance in the micro flora of our intestinal tract is created thus lowering our general immunity. By a taking a probiotic supplement, you are able to maintain and restore good gut bacteria which will in turn play an important part in maintaining a healthy immunity. 


5.   Buccaline.

Finally, a product that has been well used in many households, Buccaline works by triggering an immune response as it contains bacterial agents which significantly enhance the natural body defence mechanisms and help protect against bacterial colds and chills. Just one course of Buccaline can provide you with up to three months protection and is best used in conjunction with your yearly flu vaccine. 


For more information on ways to boost your immunity or any other health advice, pop into Unichem Prestons Pharmacy, where Ed and his team can work with you to stay healthy this winter.