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Qestral Corporation has an innovative partnership for providing electronic health monitoring and communication, with Spritely Limited… New Zealand’s leading aged care monitoring company. This is an additional service for all village residents.

The age friendly technology is included in all houses and serviced apartments… to help seniors stay healthier, safer, and more connected - free of charge.

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The Spritely Connect system includes features such as one-touch video calling between all residents and a digital noticeboard providing live communication from management meaning you are within immediate reach of the whole village and staff, without leaving your house.

There's also some fun, interactive games!

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Health Security

The Spritely Care system is currently available to all residents allowing you to record and monitor health vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, weight. These recordings, along with any symptoms you may be experiencing, can be downloaded and monitored by our Telenurse (or your GP), remotely.

Residents can contact and arrange appointments with our Telenurse via video call through their tablets to discuss any concerns.

It also incorporates an emergency alarm and sensors that monitor lack of movement (due to falls) and prescriptions can also be ordered and delivered to your door, monitored by a Pharmacist.

To learn more about Spritely, watch the video below or visit

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